The Ro Sham Beaux Story - We love this brand

The Ro Sham Beaux Story - We love this brand

Posted by Parry & Dean on 16th Oct 2017


Described as a fusion of Charleston, SC meets Venice Beach, CA, the east-meets-west style of Ro Sham Beaux merges high design with natural elements from around the world. Hemp wrapped fixtures accented with antique brass or polished nickel. Hand strung beads, selected from a curated collection of minerals such as lustrous crystals, textured quartz, and recycled glass.

These materials combine to give the collection their unique aesthetic. As emulating functional art, our creations are designed with a casual luxurious element with durability and beauty in mind.

The collection reflects everything from the allurement of landscapes to the vibrant city streets. The style is a culmination of the Principal Designer Ann Yancy travels, who has lived in Manhattan, Venice Beach, New Orleans, Paris and Italy. These cities have influenced a brand that blends timeless sophistication with a contemporary style.

We love this brand and the story line of Ro Sham Beaux.  Ann and her team create such unique, beautiful products and have the highest quality standards and are just fun people to be around. The Ro Sham Beaux collection includes, Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, Table Lamps, Accessories and fine furniture. Click here to check out the Ro Sham Beaux collection now!