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Moss Studio

Moss Studio is coming to Parry & Dean in Feb 2017.

At Moss Studio's, we search for inspiration from the industries of fashion, travel and regional experts, but also share commitment to create pieces that appeal to the most luxurious of tastes. By conceptualizing industry trends and fashion forecasts, we successfully bring a multitude of distinct designs, textiles and appearances. We use innovative ideas to choose textiles and materials that cater to seasonal aesthetics. 

In Moss Studio, upholstered sofas and chairs are supplemented by life-time frame guarantees, with a variety of artisan techniques employed to blend style with durability and stability. Standard seat cushions similarly provide comfort and support, which signifies us an industry leader in aesthetics, style and comfort.

Here are a few select pieces from Moss Studio.

moss-studio-sectional.jpg  moss-studio-chairs-tables-sofa.jpg

  moss-studio-chairs.jpg  moss-studio-sofa-3.jpg

moss-studio-sofa-4.jpg  moss-studio-sofa-and-leather-chairs.jpg

moss-studio-sofa.jpg  moss-studio-tables.jpg